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reward reward offered

REWARD offered for putting me in contact with various individuals in these photos or who was present at the time these photos were taken, and will testify as to photos, with the information leading to a successful outcome. Please call 530-917-1156 immediately, day or night. These individuals didn't do anything wrong and are not the subject of the issue we are investigating. We just urgently need them to authenticate these photos (confirm that they are the individuals in the photos, the date of these photos, etc.) and, if necessary, testify in court as to these photos, and other information. This is not in regard to fish and game or any investigation of the guide.

UPDATE 8/11/15: In cooperation with our service provider, we are temporarily disabling the photos pending investigation of copyright claim, which we feel is false. Please continue to contact us if you feel you may have any leads on this matter.

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