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FREE LAYAWAY PROGRAM: Want to secure your selected items and make sure no one else gets them? Put 50% down and pay off your balance within 30 days. Please note that it is your responsibility to remember the layaway completion date, not ours. Customers must realize that they are asking us to hold the item from resale predicated on their promise to pay the balance in full by the date designated. Bear in mind that the deposit given towards a layaway is a bond that you will keep your word and finish paying off the item. Unless other arrangements have been made, if there is a failure to complete payment by the deadline, the layaway is cancelled, and the deposit will be nonrefundable. However, we realize that sometimes customers encounter hardship situations; therefore, in addition to the 30-day period, we agree to provide an extra 7-day grace period after the completion date with a minimal additional $15 service fee.

Approved without credit!ONLY $40 DOWN AND TAKE IT HOME! We are pleased to offer a no-credit check financing/leasing program with a 90-day buyout option. There is a short, easy application. Often instant approval is given, with you being immediately notified of the dollar amount approved. 90% approval rate up to $5000!


1) Checking or Savings Account, 2) $1000 verifiable income per month, 3) SSN or ITIN

1) Fill out a short online application. If you speak Spanish, see Spanish version.
2) Receive instant approval. If auto-approved, you will be notified instantly of your approval amount. If not auto-approved, additional documents may be required.
3) Choose your merchandise. You can even have it delivered today!